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Handle In-office Allergies with Quality Carpet Cleaning Services

June 20th, 2020 · No Comments

When it comes to running your office, you keep a tight ship. Your employees clean up after themselves, including taking care of garbage removal, wiping down bathroom counters and community spaces in the kitchen, and so on. You know that keeping a neat and tidy office is important so that everyone can work well in a healthy environment. However, one area that is often missed during cleaning is the carpeting. Many offices have carpeting throughout, and such flooring can be a sore spot during allergy season because it collects dust and pollen, creating allergy issues in your workspace. To ensure your employees’ allergies don’t flare up, have quality carpet cleaning services provided for your Red Wing, MN, commercial building.

Clean Heavy Traffic Areas

In a commercial office building, you may have one large floor or several floors covered with carpeting. This flooring will be subject to heavy foot traffic, which means you may have hundreds of people moving from floor to floor per day. As this occurs, dust, pollen, and other allergens gather deep within the carpet fibers, which in turn, create a major effect on the office staff’s health. Employees may begin to show signs of allergies, such as itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing as well as headaches and other symptoms.

With regular carpet cleaning services, the flooring of your Red Wing, MN, office will stay clean and clear of allergens. Everyone will be able to breathe freely with no worry that there are contaminants waiting to attack.

Get a Professional Clean

With professional carpet cleaning services, your commercial space will have super clean flooring. And with commercial-grade products and equipment, all allergens will be directly pulled away from the carpet fibers. A professional cleaning process can be time consuming, but certainly worth it as your office space will be clean and allergen-free once the carpet cleaning service is completed.

Removing dust and allergens from your office carpeting also helps the HVAC system because when contaminants are in the carpet fibers, they are stirred up in the air. Once in the air, the contaminants run through the HVAC system and frequently cause issues such as clogged filters or poor indoor air quality.

Protect the health of your office space and employees by contacting our team for carpet cleaning service today. We’re happy to help and look forward to providing you with continual service year after year. To learn more, give us a call today at (651) 388-2032.


Keep Your Facility in Top Shape with Business Floor Cleaning

May 28th, 2020 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning a business facility, the process can be difficult. You try to stay up-to-date with regular cleaning, such as wiping down countertops and desks as well as cleaning restrooms and taking out the garbage. While this is all wonderful, one area that often goes unnoticed is the flooring. Without proper business floor cleaning in Wabasha, MN, your flooring can be a hazard as well as create a poor impression of your business.


Why Flooring Needs Quality Attention

You may be wondering why flooring needs attention. You don’t notice imperfections because you’re not looking down at your feet while you walk. However, in a business setting, the flooring must be in good condition to create a safe work environment. And, while you may not be paying attention, those who visit your facility, such as customers or potential clients, notice.


Let’s start with the safety aspect. When a floor is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can become a health or safety hazard. Take carpeting, for example. With carpet, the fibers of the material can collect and retain dirt, dust, and allergens. When this grime isn’t cleaned up, employees can suffer from allergy issues. With regular business flooring cleaning in Wabasha, MN, the allergens and other contaminants are thoroughly removed, creating a healthier environment.


Now consider hard surface flooring like tile or linoleum. When you have this type of flooring, sticky or slippery spots can pose a hazard. Without regular cleaning, you may find that areas of the flooring could cause a slip and fall accident. Cleaning ensures that the floors remain safe for your employees or anyone visiting.


Professional Assistance

At ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions, we understand that your time is valuable. Instead of trying to care for your flooring on your own, let our experts provide the quality services your business requires. With professional business floor cleaning, your facility will be presentable as well as create a quality environment for your employees and clients.


Give us a call today at (651) 388-2032 to learn more about our floor cleaning services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you and your employees.


Have Your Commercial Upholstery Cleaned by Professionals to Upgrade Your Business Furnishings

April 20th, 2020 · No Comments

The furniture in your business provides function as well as an aesthetic. From the waiting area to the actual office spaces, the furniture needs to work well for employees but also look it’s very best so clients and consumers are impressed.


When your furniture starts to look dingy and shabby, it can send a negative impression to the people you do business with. By having your commercial upholstery cleaned in Cannon Falls, MN, you ensure that you make a good first impression and have furniture that’s comfortable and visually appealing for years to come.


Dingy Furnishings

Over time, the furniture used within your commercial space becomes dingy and worn. Dust, dirt, body oils, and allergens can easily rub off onto furniture, and from year to year, the amount of filth the furniture accumulates will increase.


If you don’t have your commercial upholstery cleaned on a regular basis, your Cannon Falls, MN customers may develop a poor impression of your company. Have you ever walked into a business and didn’t want to sit down due to how the furniture appeared? When chairs and sofas are dirty looking, you don’t feel comfortable.


Take a look around your office and waiting room areas. Does the furniture look its very best? Do you see darker, soiled areas? If so, it’s time to have your commercial upholstery cleaned by the professionals.


Removing Dirt and Grime

With professional upholstery cleaning, the best tools, techniques, and solutions are used to remove deeply embedded dirt and grime from your commercial furniture. In no time you’ll find your professionally cleaned and refreshed furniture looks, feels, and smells brand new.

When it comes to your commercial business, rely on the experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions. We can ensure your furniture will be refreshed, remain comfortable, and provide a good first impression.


Give us a call today to learn more at (507) 263-5810.


Start Fresh with Office Carpets Cleaned via Professional Services

March 18th, 2020 · No Comments

When operating an office, the day-to-day needs must be met. From client meetings to planning product pitches, an office can be busy from the time its doors open until they close. Because of the heavy traffic flow and constant hustle and bustle, carpeting in a busy office space takes a beating. It’s important to have office carpets cleaned in Goodhue, MN, to ensure the space maintains a neat appearance and provides a healthy environment.


Heavy Traffic Causes Dirt and Grime

A busy office space has carpeting that gets dirty quicker than normal due to high traffic flow. As the employees move about the office, anything stuck to their shoes from the outside will become caught in the carpet fibers. Over time, dirt and grime start to build up. The once clean carpeting becomes dingy, discolored, and worn in appearance.

Without quality cleaning, the dirt and grime only continue to pack in. To have a neat appearance, the office carpets must be cleaned. With Goodhue, MN, servicing, the flooring will look its very best, with the fibers revived by a deep, hot-water clean.


Promoting a Clean Environment

Because carpet fibers can hold on to dirt and grime, they can also hold on to dust, allergens, and other contaminants. Without a proper clean, the flooring will create an unhealthy environment. Employees may suffer from allergy issues, including itchy eyes and sneezing.

To promote a clean environment, it’s important to have office carpets cleaned. In Goodhue, MN, quality cleaning services ensure all contaminants are removed and the flooring is a clean space free of dust and allergens.

Dirt and grime create a dingy appearance, and the flooring can seem older than it is; however, with regular carpet cleaning, the flooring of the office stays in excellent shape. By scheduling regular cleaning services, the flooring maintains a tidy appearance while providing a safe environment for employees and a good impression among clients.

Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions today to find out more about our floor cleaning services and to schedule an appointment. We can be reached via telephone at (651) 388-2032. Give us a call today!


Customize Your Facility Cleaning with Janitorial Services

February 19th, 2020 · No Comments

As a business owner, it’s important to focus time and effort on cleaning your facility. From banks and churches to dental offices and manufacturing plants, cleaning is essential to the health of employees and consumers as well as providing a quality facility. It takes no time for a building to become dirty with dust and grime. With the best janitorial services in Lake City, MN, you can customize your cleaning to ensure your facility is taken care of effectively.


Customized Cleaning Solutions

When you have a well-kept business, it provides a healthy environment for employees to work. It also helps to increase positive impressions among customers and clients. Every business is different, so having a customized cleaning solution for your business is key. With janitorial services in Lake City, MN, you can customize the type of cleaning you get as well as when it takes place to meet your day-to-day needs.

At ServiceMaster, cleaning services can be scheduled on a daily basis as well as a few times a week, monthly, or even a one-time cleaning. When planning your schedule, meet with our expert cleaners to find out what works best for your facility. Depending on the type of business you have, it may work to have weekly or even monthly cleaning services scheduled.


Cleaning Services

With our janitorial services, the cleaning process includes sanitization in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and breakrooms. Regular services include dusting and wiping of surfaces, sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors, and vacuuming carpeting. Window cleaning and waste removal are also among service options available.

When it comes to the health of your employees and reputation of your business, a clean space is key. At ServiceMaster, we can provide you with the essential services needed for a clean and sanitized workspace.

Let our team of professionals care for your facility. We can easily meet with you to discuss options and come up with a plan of action for quality cleaning. Contact our office today by calling (651) 388-2032. We look forward to serving you! Give us a call to learn more about the many services we provide.


Restructure Your Business Day with Janitorial Services

January 26th, 2020 · No Comments

Every day, your business operates a certain way. Your employees have a set schedule they must adhere to so the day-to-day operations are completed. In many businesses, the workday is slowed due to the need to clean. You may have to schedule certain days for cleaning or have an employee schedule for cleaning in order to ensure the facility remains neat and tidy. This, of course, takes away from your daily work completion. Instead of having your employees focus on cleaning, why not consider janitorial services in Red Wing, MN?


Restructuring Operations

With the right services in place, you can restructure the day-to-day operations of your business. Instead of employees having to focus on cleaning needs, their attention can be kept on clients or other aspects of your business. Employees won’t have to step away from their desk to take away trash or clean the breakroom or bathrooms.


Your employees can stick to their daily work schedule which means more gets done in your facility. With janitorial services in Red Wing, MN, our experts will be on hand to clean your business. A regular cleaning schedule ensures your property stays on track and your employees never have to stop working or remain after hours to clean.


Service Options

Janitorial services can range from a few times a week to services offered weekly or even monthly. Catering the cleaning to what your business needs will ensure your property is cleaned as needed. ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions will meet with you to discuss your specific cleaning needs and create a schedule that works for your business. We can provide sweeping and mopping of floors, dusting and wiping of surfaces, vacuuming, as well as window cleaning and waste removal.


We focus on offering you what you need based on your business. Let our team of cleaning experts provide the essential cleaning options required so your property stays neat and tidy on a daily basis. Your employee productivity will increase, leading to better business dealings for your company.


Maintain Your Commercial Property with Quality Janitorial Services

December 20th, 2019 · No Comments

When you own or manage a commercial property, the upkeep can be tough. From waste removal to standard surface and floor cleaning, there’s much to be done on a regular basis. By hiring quality janitorial services in Lake City, MN, your property will stay in excellent shape, providing the best space for day-to-day operations.


Office Space

If you own commercial property that’s used for office space, it’s your responsibility to keep the space in good working order. A busy office can easily fall behind on cleaning, and without extra help, the facility may begin to look shabby or even have health issues due to improper cleaning.

With janitorial services your property will be taken care of effectively. Services can be provided for daily cleaning, a few times a week, once a week, or monthly based on your property needs.


Cleaning and sanitization will be provided for all areas of the property including breakrooms, lobbies, offices, kitchens, and restrooms. All surfaces will be wiped down and dusted as well as floors cleaned with sweeping or vacuuming.


Windows will be cleaned and waste removed so the space is neat and tidy, ready for the next workday. Even deep cleaning of carpets can be provided when needed to ensure the flooring stays in excellent condition, free of dirt and debris.


Negative Effects of a Dirty Space

When a commercial space is constantly dirty, it has a negative effect. First, the employees are not comfortable during the workday, which can lead to poor production. An unclean space also promotes germs and viruses, so employees may stay sick due to constant contamination.


Your property may also begin to lose value as it looks rundown. You want to ensure you create a clean and healthy environment with regular janitorial cleaning in Lake City, MN, so the property maintains its value and your employees are happy with the work conditions.


Learning more about ServiceMaster janitorial options can help you to see how your property can benefit. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can offer your business.


Keep Students Healthy and Happy with School Cleaning Services in Red Wing, MN

November 4th, 2019 · No Comments

While school is back in session and students are already settled into their new routines, even the most diligent can become restless once winter hits. Snow makes it difficult to spend much time outside, and “cabin fever” is common. To create an environment that helps student thrive rather than one they try to avoid, school cleaning services for your Red Wing, MN school are the way to go. Our team offers commercial solutions for all sizes and types of school properties.


A Clean Slate

Staying indoors and watching the snow fall can be cozy. If you’re stuck in an unclean environment, however, it quickly becomes a laborious activity that has students dreaming about the end of the day. One way to help avoid this issue is to ensure that all of the school’s facilities are as clean as possible. While this might not improve the weather, it does help ensure that people spending time inside your school won’t be surrounded by trash or dirty floors. Beyond simply making their stay in the space more enjoyable, school cleaning services in Red Wing, MN also helps keep sickness at bay.


A Healthy Environment

Without proper cleaning, schools become a breeding ground for germs. With hundreds of students and faculty spending many hours every day in the building, it doesn’t take long for viruses and germs to make an appearance and stubbornly stick around. And, given that the aforementioned people are likely stuck inside for much of the day during winter, illness will quickly spread from person to person. This can be a major problem, with infected students infecting students who are recovering and perpetuating a cycle that’s difficult to break.


The Best Service

When it comes to keeping every student and faculty member healthy and happy, it’s important to invest in only the best school cleaning services possible. Trained and experienced professionals who understand and utilize the best equipment and solutions are the best option to keep schools clean. That’s why we’re proud to offer our janitorial services in Red Wing, MN.


For more information about our school cleaning solutions, give us a call at (651) 388-2032.


3 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Can Be Fixed With Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

October 19th, 2019 · No Comments

Are you making one of these carpet cleaning mistakes?

Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions in Goodhue, MN, today to see how we can fix them with professional carpet cleaning services.


(Improperly) Using a Rented Carpet Cleaning Machine

You do have the option of renting a carpet-cleaning machine. Can they be effective? Sure. Do they remove some stains? Yes.

But there are a few issues you can run into while using a carpet cleaning machine.

First, you must make sure you add the carpet cleaning solution correctly; or else, you’ll find the solution applied unevenly, making for an uneven appearance.

Second, using a rented carpet cleaning machine can also cause issues with fungus if done improperly. If you leave too much moisture in your carpet and fail to effectively dry it, the moisture can become a breeding ground for fungus, leading to a job that needs a professional to remedy.

Why not use professional services right away to avoid these mishaps?


(Improperly) Using Spot Treatment Solution

A spot treatment solution can help rid your carpet of certain stains. It can also have catastrophic results if done improperly.

If you use the wrong spot treatment solution—one that’s too potent for your carpet or uses incompatible materials—you can leave hard to remove marks and burns on your carpet. Instead of removing the stain, it can create a larger one.

Our team of trained carpet cleaning experts will make sure to use a solution specific to your carpet fabric to ensure an immaculate appearance afterward.


Not Utilizing the Help of a Professional

We’re a professional carpet cleaning company, so it’s natural for us to suggest you use professional carpet cleaning services. But think about it.

When you bought your home, you likely had it inspected. You carefully chose from multiple options. You worked diligently with lawyers and the bank to get a good deal.

Why did you take all of those steps?  You took them because your home is your largest investment.

Now that you do own that home, why not make sure each part of it is under the best care?

Not using professional carpet cleaning services can result in a decreased lifespan for your carpets. It’d be a mistake to not give your carpet the care it deserves.


To learn more about professional carpet cleaning services in Goodhue, MN, contact us at (651) 388-2032.


Refresh Business Carpeting with Commercial Floor Cleaning in Cannon Falls, MN

September 15th, 2019 · No Comments

When operating a commercial facility, you have a complex daily schedule. With employee and company needs to cover, you have little time to worry about issues such as floor cleaning. However, your business can begin to suffer if you have dirty flooring that needs servicing.

Clients and customers will build a bad impression of your company if they find that flooring is sticky or grimy in appearance. You would be surprised at how much business can be lost due to the physical appearance of a commercial space. Thankfully, with our commercial floor cleaning in Cannon Falls, MN, your company carpeting can be refreshed, providing a clean and neat environment for clients as well as employees.


Better First Impression

When an individual enters your commercial property, you want them to be impressed. You want the facility to look its very best, and to achieve this, you must start with the floors. Dirt and stains make carpeting appear soiled and uncared for. With regular commercial floor cleaning your business will have flooring that is dirt-free, helping to promote a clean and healthy space.

Clients or customers visiting your facility will see the clean flooring and nice furnishings, feeling good about doing business with you. When the flooring is in rough shape, it can make individuals feel leery about doing business with you.


Healthy Work Environment

With commercial carpeting, you can have health issues just like you do in the home. Carpet fibers trap dirt, dust, allergens, and other types of filth and pollutants that can exacerbate allergies in the workplace.

With regular commercial floor cleaning in your Cannon Falls, MN facility, the flooring will be free of unhealthy contaminants, making your business a quality work environment where employees can thrive.

If you have carpeting in your commercial space and don’t have regular floor cleaning services, give our office a call. We can set up an appointment to review your space and provide regular cleaning for your flooring needs. Contact our team today at (651) 388-2032 to learn