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A Goodhue, MN, Business Uses Effective Upholstery Cleaning Tactics

August 20th, 2021 · No Comments

Building a business from scratch is no easy task. Like in many other areas around the country, creating a brick and mortar structure in Goodhue, MN, requires research, permits, and code applications. Of course, if you’re using an existing building, there are other hoops to jump through. And if this isn’t difficult enough, you also have to establish a rapport with people and keep yourself in good standing with the community. While a code of ethics and customer service are key to any business practice, you also need to be mindful of your physical presentation. The comfort provided in your building speaks more than words ever could. The floors, walls, décor, and furniture need to be kept pristine at all times.


Make Your Upholstery Look Like New

ServiceMaster may not be able to help keep your office plants green, but it can provide outstanding upholstery cleaning. With the superior service our company provides 24/7, your businesses furnishings can be attended to immediately when a major spill or other upholstery accident occurs. Also, daily maintenance helps keeps your furniture lasting longer. Sweat, dirt, and simple everyday use can result in the early retirement of your chairs and couches. By using cleaning solutions specified for each material type, ServiceMaster ensures your upholstery’s longevity. No stain is too tough for our professionals—they’ve seen and dealt with it all! They’re so confident in their abilities that they even offer a service guarantee. It is the ServiceMaster promise that you will be completely satisfied with the way your furniture looks, and if you’re not satisfied, we will continue the work until you are.


Help Your Upholstery Last for Years to Come

As a new business in Goodhue, MN, you can’t afford to let your office decline and decay. In the long run, utilizing regular upholstery cleaning will be far more cost-effective than buying new furniture when the old quickly wears out. With our regular cleanings, you will feel confident in asking your clients to take a seat. Contact us online, by email, or by phone today, and see how a clean look keeps your business vibrant and profitable!


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