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The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Cleaning in Lake City, MN

July 12th, 2021 · No Comments

Your brick and mortar business is the face of your company. It shows the world who you are, what your business is about, and what everyone can expect from you. When clients, customers, or staff come inside for a visit, there’s a high expectation of cleanliness that must be met. This is where we, the experts at ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions (Red Wing), come in. We’re here to provide the best in commercial cleaning services to your business in the Lake City, MN area.

Not only should there be day-to-day cleanings for health purposes, but there should be a polished and shiny appearance that’s inviting! Keeping your offices looking like new ensures that positive feedback will follow via word of mouth or through various web sources. And positive feedback always leads to more business, and ultimately, your business’s growth.

For the entrepreneurs of Lake City, MN, this high standard is best kept by ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions (Red Wing). For the very best in commercial cleaning options, ServiceMaster provides choices for daily, weekly, multi-weekly, monthly, or even a one-time cleaning service. A wide variety of commercially owned buildings can be provided for with the only exception being schools. Currently, no school cleanings are offered within the Red Wing area.


The Services We Offer

Regular services include basic janitorial cleaning for offices, bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, or break rooms. Each of these spaces, or any others that you specifically request, will have the trash removed, surfaces dusted and wiped, hard and tile floors swept and mopped, and carpets vacuumed. Windows, sinks, toliets, and other water-based basins can also be thoroughly serviced; however, the staff is not equipped to address any mold that is confronted.


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For the best commercial cleaning in Lake City, MN, call ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions (Red Wing). The sooner you can get a quote, the sooner your business can literally shine brighter than the competition!


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