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Small or Large: All Businesses Can Benefit From Janitorial Services in Red Wing, MN

June 27th, 2018 · No Comments

Whether you have a large or small business, you can benefit from regular janitorial services. Many businesses think that they can handle the cleaning needs of the company without any assistance. They have employees take care of trash collection, cleaning restrooms, etc., only to later find out that the space isn’t being cleaned in an adequate manner or that production has slowed down due to the cleaning needs of the company. To avoid an unhealthy work environment or issues with employee production, have janitorial services in Red Wing, MN provided for your business.

What the Cleaning Service Entails

You may be thinking that janitorial services for your Red Wing, MN business will only include trash collection and restroom cleaning. However, that is only a small portion of what is provided. With this cleaning option, your business will be cleaned and sanitized with care. Break rooms, kitchens, offices, lobbies, restrooms, and other areas are cleaned at your request.

Regular cleaning services in these areas can include dusting and wiping down surface areas, window cleaning, vacuuming of carpeting, sweeping of flooring as well as mopping. Additional requests can be made for cleaning services involving carpeting and hard surface flooring.

Cleaning Commitment

As a business owner, you have a commitment to uphold to your customers and employees. The environment needs to be clean and healthy, and with our janitorial services, it can be. Your Red Wing, MN business will be neat and tidy, and ready for the workday.

Employees thrive in a clean environment and look forward to going to work every day. With regular cleaning, it also cuts down on sickness in the workplace, which is a plus! For customers, they see a clean business and they’re more likely to come back again and again. Consumers are easily put off when a space is untidy or appears dirty.

At ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions, we’re ready to serve you and your business cleaning needs. Our team of experts can handle any cleaning need you require and will set up a cleaning plan based on your individual business. Give our office a call today at (651) 388-2032 to learn more about what we can offer.


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